Geyserville New Tech Academy

Geyserville New Tech Academy is located in Geyserville, CA  with an enrollment of approximately 75 students. Student-teacher ratio is 7:1, with class sizes ranging from 8 to 23 students. Geyserville New Tech students utilize various technologies to access and manage information, and create final projects for presentations. Students experience an interdisciplinary
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curriculum driven by a common core reflecting various disciplines and concentrating on effective communication, complex thinking and high standards of performance. Our goal is to enable students to develop a positive vision of themselves, and to become responsible, independent, self-directed learners.

Contact & Visit Information
Geyserville New Tech Academy encourages parents and members of the community to contact us and visit our school. Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have. If you’re planning a visit, please check in with our front office upon arrival. In the interest of student safety and security, we must know if you are planning to be on
school property during school hours.
                                                 Our office is open